Mert Tasci

Attack Developer @picussecurity
Bug Hunter @bugcrowd
Computer Engineering Graduate


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  Who am I?

Hi! My name is Mert.
I'm interested in cyber security (web & mobile application security, API security, source code review) and software development as amateur. Sometimes I write something at the
I'm developing myself on malware researching and threat analysis at Picus Security. I love bug bounty (I spend most of my free time on bug bounty at Bugcrowd), music, minimalist design (minimalism is a philosophy of life for me.) and some computer games etc. So I hate sleeping. These things motivate me.  
Also, I love people who have low ego(!)
I challenge you on table tennis! 😛

  Pentest Statics

I took part many application penetration test projects in my old job. Many of them are web application projects. Also I tested mobile applications (Android & IOS) and Web Services.
I usually did source code analysis (in other words; code review.) for .NET, PHP, Android and IOS applications.
With Numbers

  12 Banks
  4 Universities
  13 e commerces
  48 Others


This repo contains required files for web application pentest.
The Javascript file creates a pop-up for your XSS PoC.
This script creates a CSRF PoC form to any HTTP request.

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